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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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 Congrats to Beatrix as she heads off to USC to play beach!

LSU Tiger Nation 2019

Sierra is heading to LSU in 2019, GEAUXTIGERs

Kendall Cady 2018

Kendall Cady verbally committing to ASU!
University of Hawaii 2017

Pani heads to UH to play beach in the fall of 2017


Congrats to Marissa for committing to FSU in 2019!

University of Hawaii 2019
Kuku is going to make her mark on UH in 2019!

University of Hawaii

Congrats to Laurie as she heads off to University of Hawaii in 2019

Stanford here comes Charlie

Charlie Commits to Stanford for 2018

GCU bound!

Congrats to Anna for committing to GCU beach team for 2016. Three years ago she fell in love with beach and followed her passion to play in college.

University if New Orleans

Congrats to Rachel for committing to UNO
Going to Berkley 2016


Congrats Camille on all your hard work. All of your coaches are so happy for you!

Kamila going to UCLA

Congrats to Kamila who is going to UCLA


CBVA Champions

Maddy and Chloe AAA rated!


 Brooke and Beatrix place 2nd in AAU!


Winner goes to Sierra and Hailey

CBVA winners!

 Abby and Malia win 1st place in the u12 CBVA, and many more to come!

CBVA Tour Stop

Congrats on 2nd and Qualifying for CAL CUP
Register for Winter Session
Marissa's 1st Pro NORCECA Tourney

What time is it? Tool Time!

Ky and Alexis Winning 1st place and the future looks bright!

2016 BVCA National Championships

Charlie and Marissa placed 3rd at the BVCA National Championships!

Fun Day on the Beach

Chloe and Madi just being themselves, and winning!

NCAA Bound!

Congrats to Karina, Rachel, Madi, Chloe, Bridget, Jeni, and Hannah.

All of these girls are going to the NCAA to play beach volleyball!

692 Finals

Congrats Amelia, Syd, Jenna, and Chloe for an awesome Tournament
College Bound!

Congrats to my seniors! All 4 of them signed to play Sand Volleyball in College at LSU, UCLA, and UH.


2014 Spring Pro-Am


2013 Pro-Am, 20 Pro's and 20 692 players and Bivin!

Kamila and Jansen take 3rd at the USA High Performance Championships!


Jansen ended her incredible journey with 692 competing in her first Pro Tournament in Hermosa!

Brenna and Izzy enjoying Hermosa Beach!

For more information on 692,
Email [email protected]
Bigs and Little Tournament

Are younger girls got to play with our older girls in the Bigs and Little's tourney
CBVA winners

Charlie and Pani took 1st place in the CBVA 18's

  Winning the CBVA!
1st place CBVA

Bea and Hailey winning another CBVA!

 Anna and Olivia win 2nd place in the BVCA u18 Silver

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692 Finals

692 Finals. Love 1st and 2nd!


Jenna and Jaelah are CBVA Champions!
Video Editing


Jeni Clark is a player in our San Diego program that started a business called Sand Clips. She will take all of your video footage and edit it and put it into a video that you can send to college coaches. She knows enough about volleyball to choose the best clips and the videos I have seen are very professionally done. I have had a long talk with her about what we want these videos to include and we are definitely on the same page. Once you have collected enough video footage and want to put together your video, contact Jeni at


[email protected] 760.560.8062
1st Place

Charlie and Marissa take 1st Place in a CBVA!


Sandrecruits.com is the newest tool available to get you a scholarship for beach volleyball. Create a profile, choose the schools you are interested in, and market yourself to different programs. Join today! 

Endless Summer Champions

Jenna and Malia winning!

Endless Summer Winners

Sierra and Marissa Winning some KB suits!
Wahine Tournament

Congrats girls  for being 1st & 2nd for the Wahine!

True Fitness

All athletes trained by True Fitness


BVCA Champions

Dana and Charlie won 1st place in the BVCA Nationals U12 Silver Division!

Volley OC

Kuku and Marissa Win a Volley OC!
CBVA Winners!

Congrats to Jane and Syd for a great day and winning 1st place

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