Peak Performance

Ami Strutin Belinoft


Getting to the top and staying at the top requires a combination of physical and mental preparedness. There are many steps to fine tune and reach your sport specific goals. Having a mental coach to help you along the way is extremely beneficial.

Mental Training is crucial to achieve your maximum performance potential. The goal is to access the “ZONE or FLOW STATE” on a consistent basis. We have all been there, but to be there consistently is the difference between Being Good and Being the BEST.

We start by addressing goals. Where are you now? Where do you want to go? We then begin assessing current level of performance. We accomplish this by using standards based assessments in conjunction with your subjective analysis. Then we can build up these areas by applying techniques such as Visualization, guided self- talk, guided self-imagery, and neurofeedback. As we go we monitor your progress as you reach your pre-established short term and long term goals.

Professional Qualifications: Neurofeedback diadatic certification:BCIA

Professional Member of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology

Master’s, Clinical Psychology, Antioch University

Master’s, School Psychology, National University

Bachelor’s, Psychology and Sports Medicine, Colorado State University

Board Member of the San Diego County of Mental Health

Member of CAMFT California Marriage and Family Therapists

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist: LMFT Lic # MFC 43606

310 804-7553

[email protected]

692 is hosting a nutrition, sport psychology and recruiting workshop.

Carole Griggs, Ph.D/c

  • Nutritionist and Strength/Conditioning Coach
  • NCAA Strength and Conditioning Coach, Division III Collegiate Soccer Coach
  • Ph.D/c in Professional Coaching and Human Development
  • MA in Education, Teaching; Physical Education
  • Semi-Professional Soccer Player  
  • 4-year Division I Soccer Player, MVP OVC Tournament
  • Boston Marathon Qualifier

She is the founder and CEO of Empowering Fitness, a Holistic Wellness Practitioner (Nutrition and Movement), Integral Life Coach, professional consultant and nation-wide educator.  A central theme in her life has been bridging physical wellness, emotional well-being, mental clarity, and an empowered and purpose-filled life. Carole is pleased to offer Nutrition at 692 Beach volleyball Club.